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Upcycling and Repurposing: Ideas for Sustainable Home Remodeling

Home remodeling is fun and exciting for homeowners. But for the environment? Not so much. Whatever you scrape and tear down ends up in landfills. So, while you might be prettying up your own home, you could be contributing to land waste and pollution.

But that doesn’t mean you have to live with dated and dingy décor. You can unleash the creative genius within and put a modern spin on green home remodeling. How? With upcycling and repurposing!

Use Wooden Crates for Storage

Do you have a ton of old wooden crates lying around? Transform those vintage boxes into rustic-looking shelves and storage bins. If you have a farmhouse-style home, they’ll fit in like a glove. You can decorate them with jute, twine, and colorful fabric. The possibilities are endless!

Create a Gallery Wall with Repurposed Objects

Gallery walls are show-stopping home décor pieces. But they don’t have to be donned with expensive art. You can create a splendid wall of memories and treasures with upcycled items. Use vintage postcards, colorful plates, old maps, CDs, or anything that’s purposelessly lying around in the home. If you explore Pinterest, you’ll even spot antique handheld mirrors and window frames repurposed as works of art.

Use Your Old Doors to Make a Headboard

Are you bored with your plain Jane headboard? Do you have old cupboard doors rotting in the garage? Perfect! Make a new headboard.

Sand your doors. Paint them in a cheery hue or upholster them with fabric. You can even add an ornamental trim for some extra pizzazz. Now, you have a super chic look that’s easy on the environment and your wallet.

Use Glass Bottles as Herb Planters

Do you fancy some greenery in the house? Use those wide-mouthed glass bottles as herb planters. You can grow rosemary, mint, and sage on your kitchen windowsill. You can even decorate the bottles with colorful strings and trinkets for a personal touch. If you have tall bottles, fill them with water and place a bamboo stick or a terrarium inside. We also have something for malt beer fans. Fill those empty bottles with soil and create miniature succulent gardens.

Make a Vanity from Your Old Dresser

Don’t chuck that chipped and beat-up dresser. You can give it a fresh lease on life and use it as a vanity table or storage shelf. Just sand down the surface, give it a few coats of paint, and add glass knobs. You can also choose to distress it for a more vintage look. Solid wood dressers are highly durable and will seamlessly blend with any home décor. You can fearlessly use them in the bathrooms and kitchens as well.

Final Thoughts

You don’t need to tear down walls or empty your wallet for home remodeling. And you certainly don’t have to disturb the environment in the process. Just look around, spot the pieces with great potential, and get to work. You can get some inspiration from Pinterest and Etsy. It’ll be a fun activity.


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