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How to Choose the Right Lighting for Each Room in Your Home

Perfect lighting can transform a drab room into an inviting, cozy space. It accentuates your power spots and, of course, enhances functionality. It can also set the mood in a room, from romantic to focused, energy-filled to calming. And then there’s the simple fact that lighting has a role in how we perceive various textures and colors.

With all those benefits, you sure want something that works like magic.

But what will fit best where? Each room has specific lighting requirements. And if you want to make the most of it, you must understand these needs well.

As a crash course, here are a few key pointers to help you choose the right light for each room in your beautiful oasis.

Quality vs. Quantity

Some of us like to believe that more is always better. But in the case of aesthetics, it’s not always true. When buying a light fixture, consider the dimensions of your room. Too many lights cause your home to feel cramped and cluttered. At the same time, too few leave it feeling bare and uninviting. Find the right balance.

Know Your Bulbs

From LED to fluorescent and halogen, there are all sorts of bulbs available. To pick the one that suits your purpose, consider the ambient temperature you need and the look you want.

LEDs are good for energy efficiency, while halogen is perfect if you’re looking for a bright, warm atmosphere. As for fluorescent bulbs, they are ideal for task lighting.

Mood Matters Too

Does every room in your home emanate the same vibes? Probably not. Different rooms have different moods. And you can use light to bring them out. You want your kitchen to feel alert, your living area to be relaxed and inviting, and your bedroom to be romantic and tranquil.

Natural, bright lights are great for the kitchen, while dimmers are best for your bedroom. You can also bring in some focused lighting to serve a purpose. How about a floor lamp near your reading couch in the living?

Layer the Lighting

You can’t depend on your boring ceiling lights to do all the work for you. So, think in layers. You’ll want to mix and match the following types of lighting to enliven your space.

  • Ambient – the soft and diffused lights that fill the entire room
  • Task – bright, focused lights to increase functionality
  • Accent – add drama to your wow-worthy pieces

According to experts, every room must have at least two to three light sources.

Define Your Style

What’s the overall vibe of your home? Is it more mid-century modern or a touch of rustic? Do you love the minimalism in Scandinavian home d├ęcor? Answering these questions will help you narrow down your choices.

If your home is all things Bohemian, go for wicker lampshades and intricate chandeliers. Or make a statement with an industrial fixture in your contemporary kitchen.

Final Thoughts

Lighting can be a major focal point in any room. And so, pulling a beautiful scheme can be a game-changer. If you’re unsure where to start, your home remodeling contractor can help you make the right choice. And, of course, you’ll always have this guide to refer back to.

Happy lighting!


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